What’s a foot care nurse any ways?

Making sure your shoes fit

Believe it or not, SHOES ARE IMPORTANT and can be the direct result of foot problems. The key is finding shoes that properly fit you, which will help prevent many foot problems.

Here are some tips on picking out the right shoes:


Make sure you get your feet measured every time you buy a new pair of shoes- your feet can grow over two shoe sizes in a lifetime.


Buy your shoes at places that know how to fit shoes correctly – make sure they have at least three width sizes in each style of shoe.


Make sure you measure both of your feet (i.e. width and length) – one is often bigger than the other


Fit your shoes to the largest foot and try to find a shoe that matches the shape of your foot


Try to buy shoes that are comfortable rather than fashionable – your feet will appreciate this years down the road.


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